We mainly manufactures smart film, smart glass , photochromic film, window film etc. In the past ten years , WEST products exported more than 50 countries countries because of the brilliant quality , competitive price and excellent after sale service .
Jason Yang
WEST Manager

Our Product Series

The Film Transparent power on and opaque power off…

Car painting protection film and car window film available…

Can Provide Any Space With Security And Style To Match…

It is polymer material, which is widely used in laminated glass…

Always exploring the latest innovative protection technologies and products.

The Film Changing Colour With Solor Radiation…

High Photothermal Intensity. Weak Photothermal Intensity…

the filmrealize the purpose of anti-laser eavesdropping…

Transparent power off and film glow like star power on…

Best Selling Products


Smart Film/Glass


Photochromic Film


Ultra-clear nano ceramic film


Car Paint Protection Film

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