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Smart Film

    It is a functional film that can be attached to the surface of existing glass.
    You can choose between the two states.
    Transparent power on and opaque power off.

Smart Glass

    It is a magical photoelectric glass that can change the transparency of the glass.
    You can choose between the two states.                                                Transparent power on and opaque power off.

Power On Power Off

Product Features

    Smart Film/Glass is widely used in offices, Banks, medical institutions, shop Windows, family houses and other places, and can be used as “curtain”, “partition wall”, “projection curtain” and so on.

Partition Space

        Break the fixed spatial pattern
        Exclusive space made by heart

Projection screen

      More than just a piece of glass
 Can also be used as a projection display

privacy protection

   No need to use old-fashioned curtains
             Block others’ peeping eyes

Adjust the light

              How much light is needed
                      Totally up to you

Environmental features

              Block more than 99% UV
                 Wire and 98% infrared


    Smart dimming film is a liquid crystal display functional film that uses polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) as a display structure.


    When electricity is applied to the film via the wiring, the liquid crystals align and the window instantly becomes clear.
    When the power is turned off, the liquid crystals return to their normal scattered positions rendering the glass opaque.

Mechanical switch

Mobile app switch

remote control switch

How Can I Control

voice-controlled switch

time switch

dimmable transformer switch

light sensor switch



    Working Principle



    Max Width

    Max Length

    Working Temperature

    Storage Temperature

    Working Voltage


    Power Consumption


    Switch Speed

    Switch Lifetime


West Smart Film

ON:transparent, OFF:opaque











< 0.02s



Service and quality make the future

Professional and focused on smart film since 2012, we can produce more than 50,000 square meters per year.

80,000+ H

Super Long Warranty Life

83 %

Leading Light Transmittance

11,000 +

Project Installation Example

100 %

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