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You only need to hand over your needs to us, and regardless of whether you have experience in purchasing items by air, sea or express, just tell us, we also have specialized logistics engineers who can provide you with the most perfect solution for you to choose from. All that needs to be done is to place the order, finalize the plan and wait for the gift to arrive. Come and try it, you will be pleasantly surprised!

About Our Export Packing of smart film

    Our packaged carton uses specially customized box support and cushioning cotton and high-strength thickened cartons, professional packaging methods, guarantee So our smart membrane will not be damaged a little during shipping. The size of the carton is the best size for us to ensure the safety of intelligent film transportation and the optimal settlement of express charges after years of experience in export packaging. We have rich experience in the production and transportation and packaging of PDLC film, only to get your full approval for our products and service.

    At last , It will be transported to the logistics pickup point in our workshop. Our logistics engineer will notify the corresponding logistics contractor (DHL/FEDLX/UPS/SHIP/AIR.ETC) to pick up and send the goods according to the logistics plan determined by you.

About Our Export Packing of smart glass

    This is the packaging of our PDLC glass, which has undergone countless delivery practices, from land to sea and sky, and has experienced the test of different transportation methods, only to reach your hands safely and without damage. Our glass packaging fully meets the requirements of long-distance and international transportation. The use of environmentally friendly high-strength wooden boxes and professional shock-absorbing materials can provide the best protection for the glass. And professional logistics engineers design the most suitable logistics and transportation plan for you.

    The size of conventional PDLC glass that our workshop can do is within 2m*6m, if you need larger size, please contact us to confirm.

About Our Export Packing of solar film

    We support the customization of parameters, color and thickness of solar film. After reaching a certain number, we can also provide packaging box printing services according to your design requirements. Meeting your requirements has always been our goal. Every year we ship thousands of solar film products all over the world, year after year. Good product quality, professional service team, rich experience in packaging production, try to avoid and solve all problems for you.

Package Type:

Single package size : 165X15X15 cm

Single gross weight : 10 kg

Package Type : One roll in white box and 4/6/9 boxes in each big carton

Customized packing is accepted.

Lead Time Of Production And Delivery

Production and package lead time

Smart film

2~4 days for less than 100 square meters, and 3~7 days for more than 100 square meters.

Solar film

Within 3 workdays.

Smart glass

Within 15 workdays.


Express delivery

 FedEx, UPS, DHL 3-10 days international arrival.

Shipping By Air

7-10 days to region American and Africa;5-7 days to region Europe;3-5 days to region Middle East and Southeast Asia; 2-3 days to East Asia

Shipping By Sea

Depends on the destination port. Check with us to provide your shipping destination seaport.

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