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The Film Transparent power on and opaque power off…

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the filmrealize the purpose of anti-laser eavesdropping…

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thermochromic film2

Thermochromic Film Storage And Processing Instructions

Smart thermochromic film is an intelligent light control product whose color changes with the change of ambient light thermal intensity. It not only has the functions of heat insulation, sunscreen and UV protection, but also it has the same safety and adhesiveness as the traditional PVB laminated materials. Whats more, smart thermochromic film can be laminated into smart thermochromic glass by glass laminating process. A color-changing glass that can sense climate change is a glass that is full of vitality. It is a natural dimming product preferred for cars, yachts, building doors and windows, lighting roofs, etc.

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Analysis And Solutions Of Common Problems Of PDLC Film

In the process of construction, we have encountered various thorny problems. While helping customers solve difficulties, we have also continuously improved our comprehensive quality and accumulated valuable experience.
Our company summarizes the problems that are prone to occur in the construction process of the PDLC film, analyzes specific classic cases, and provides solutions.

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