star glowing film

product display

when power off, film color  is transparent.

When power on, film would have star glowing effect.

Could customize static patterns, dynamic patterns, flashing light effects.

Personalized customization

Static patterns, dynamic patterns, flashing light effects, and other display effects which also could be customized

high transparency

Fully transparent flexible LCD panel


Improved the safety and explosion-proof coefficient of skylight glass


High IRR

The combination of metal magnetron sputtering technology and nano-ceramic technology creates a new concept of energy saving

Heat and cold resistance

Withstand temperature -45℃~85℃,could use at any place

Non-destructive installation

Non-destructive installation directly on the original skylight

Display principle

    1、This product uses superconducting materials to transmit light from the side.

    2、Through the special light source, both sides of the superconducting material are irradiated into the display sheet, so that the crystals enclosed in the display sheet are excited and displayed, showing a luminous pre-engraved.

Product Process

Step 1

    First we use photoetching machine to engrave the display material. After engraving, it needs to be treated with Ion strong wind dust removal treatment to keep no residue after engraving.

Step 2

     Inject the engraved starry sky graphics into the display crystal. The crystal infusion needs to be relatively flat with the sheet material, and then undergo light curing and solidification treatment, so that the crystal can be turned into a solid state, and the convex part needs to be polished to remove dust.

Step 3

    Subsequent bonding is carried out by hot melting, so that the crystal does not flow out of the superconducting material in the semi-solid state.

Step 4

    Then glue the surface , to make it combinate with High IRR Magnetron PET film. After this would be the second explosion-proof to strengthen the glue to stick the release film.

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