WEST Smart Film Instructions

Product Introduction

Smart film is a liquid crystal film based on PDLC technology , which allowing immediate switching from opaque to transparent when the power is applied.

Product Structure

Working Principle

Installation Instructions

Main tools

Tools preparation : spray bottle, scraper, glue gun, scraping cutter, ruler, windshield washer fluid, adhesive tape, self-adhesive paper, cleaning cloth.


1.Take out the smartfilm.
2.Detect the smartfilm in an energized state.
3.Check smartfilm list or drawing with glass size of the field measurement.

Cleaning of installation environment and grooves

1.Clean carefully the ground and environment, spray mist in the air to remove dust, avoid the construction dust as far as possible.
2.Clean carefully the grooves all around the installation position.

Cleaning of glass

1.Spray the windshield washer fluid evenly on the installation position, make a preliminary cleaning of glass and strike off the windshield washer fluid.
2.Spray again the windshield washer fluid, use scraping cutter to scrap carefully the surface and all edges of glass.
4.Clean the glass one or two times again according to step 1, make sure it is totally clean.
6.Soak the cleaning cloth in alcohol, then clean the dust on adhesive side of smartfilm.
3.Scrap several times for removing the bumps, dirty points on glass surface and the glue residue on glass.
5.Wipe dry the glass surface with the cleaning cloth.

Stick the smartfilm on glass

1.Make sure the glass surface and surrounding environment have met the installation requirements of smartfilm before the start.
2.Open the smartfilm vertically.
3.Put the film labeled with “FIRST STEP” on glass, pre-locate then fix it with adhesive tape.
4.After confirming the position, tear off part of the release film from up to down along one side.
5.Remove the positioning tapes, start to stick the film after verifying again the position of film.
6.Stick the smartfilm on glass with scraper.
7.Removing the hard coated film and sticking the smartfilm have to proceed simultaneously.
8.Mark the impurities during the process.
9.Remove the impurities with blade, adhesive tape, etc.
10.Positive film process.

Connection of busbars and wires (Optional)

1.Bond wires on copper mesh.
2.Use knife to remove exces copper mesh.
3.Stick the transparent insulating tape on the busbars part.

Test with power-on


Sealing glue

Seal the edges of smartfilm after installation.


1.Do not move the glass within 3 days after installation of smartfilm.

2.Do not clean the filmed glass with water within 15 days after installation.

3.Do not use suckers or adhesive to hang/fix/stick/decorate any object on the filmed glass.

4.Please spray the anhydrous alcohol or acetone evenly on film surface, then use clean and soft cotton or cleaning cloth to dry the glass gently. Can also use clean and soft cloth dipped into anhydrous alcohol or acetone to scrub directly the stains.

5.Same as step 4, please use clean and soft cotton cloth dipped into acetone to scrub gently the contaminated area, in order to remove the glue residue from the installation process.

6.Do not use any hard grater, brush, wipe cloth containing grains of sand, etc, to clean the filmed glass.

Common Faults

Fault PhenomenonReason analysisElimination method
No transparent transformationPower failure or broken circuit.Use the multimeter to test the voltage between power out-put and two busbars to determine the cause of malfunction.
BubbleThe glass surface is not clean enough or there are dusts.Clean the glass again, or uncover the smartfilmand remove the dusts with adhesive tape.
Burnt pointVoltage of power supplier is too high.Test the voltage of power out-put,need replacement.
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