The Star Glowing Film Is Coming

Star Glowing Film is also called Liquid Crystal Skylight Display Film.It is a brand new concept that could present a starry sky effect on your roof and truly show various constellations. You can also design and customize a starry sky of your own according to your own preferences.

The star sky sunroof combines with the popular panoramic sunroof, and does not damage any part of the original car for non-destructive installation. After installation, it is no different from the original car. Films are completely transparent in the unpowered state, and have no effect on light transmission during the daytime. At night, after power on, it can present gorgeous scenery and atmosphere decoration. So you can normally enjoy the beautiful sunshine during the day, and the unparalleled starry sky can be presented in the car at night! It greatly improves the overall grade atmosphere in the car and the safety of the sunroof glass, so that your car could enjoy the beauty of the vast night sky at any time!

We always focus on smart films and smart glasses. Till now could produce: photochromic film/glass, thermochromic film/glass, switchable pdlc film/glass, and normal auto window film which has UVR and IRR function.

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